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Focussing on the things you like and love about your own body, hair, face, shape, sexuality, gender, abilities and preferences is positive and builds self-esteem.  However, it’s easy to get into a habit of concentrating on the things we do not like about ourselves: never feeling worthy, lovable, competent or adequate in comparison to others, or what we see in the media. This negative thinking is called ‘low self-esteem’. Changing the way we see ourselves can be really hard to overcome without understanding and encouragement from people around us and sometimes some help from people who have experienced similar issues. 

Over long periods low self-esteem can lead to depression and deep emotional problems. That’s why it is good to read about how others have dealt with it, and talk about it.  Some of the links below can help you do that.

Mind discusses self-esteem and how to help yourself. There is also online and telephone support. 

Get Connected offer email, web chat text and free phone to anyone up to age 25 who needs to talk about any issue or problem. Call: 0808 808 4994 Text: 80849.

Eating disorder  helpline support offered some afternoons and Wednesday evenings.  This site offers information and advice to support sufferers and those supporting people with an eating disorder.  See their links page for massive list of links to organisations fighting eating disorders.

The Leicester GLBT group offer counselling, volunteering opportunities and plenty of up-to-date information about gender and related issues. 

The lesbian, gay, bi and trans-sexual consortium  developing support for LGBT groups – read up for information on what they are doing.

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