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If you need to seek your own counselling therapy that you do not have to pay for you can:

  • Make an appointment to see a GP at your local Doctor’s Surgery. 
  • Share the nature of your problem with a doctor (GP). 
  • The GP can refer you to a relevant counselling group depending on your needs.
  • Your GP may refer you to GOOD THINKING THERAPY SERVICES. You will then have to wait for a letter from Good Thinking inviting you to make an appointment for counselling.  (You will have a limited period in which to make this appointment.  If you do not make the appointment within the designated time you have to repeat this whole process again).


  • Attend an ‘initial meeting’ where you will be asked to fill in some paperwork about the way you are feeling.  This could take half an hour.
  • Wait for your FIRST appointment time with a designated counsellor to start your treatment proper.

This whole process can take months, so in the meantime if you need to talk to somebody, confide in a friend or relative,or talk about how you are feeling with the SAMARITANS on 0116 270 007 or 08457 90 90 90. Email The Samaritans at  You can also arrange a face-to-face meeting at The Samaritans Leicester Branch centre which is free of charge.


If you prefer not to seek counselling from your GP for one reason or another, Charities and independent counsellors are also available to help you online, with written information, by phone and through face to face sessions.  While most online services are free, you may have to pay for phone calls. Private face to face sessions can be costly, but if you can afford it, it may be worth considering paying for treatment from an independent local counsellor.

Please note that Lost For words lists these services for your information only. If services are sought it is your own personal choice and we cannot account for the quality of all services listed.

Get self help This website offers a 7 step self-help course, with information and worksheets about problems and solutions.  There are also links to IMMEDIATE or PERSONAL help.

The Leicester Counselling Service offer private counselling for all situations at a very subsidised rate (half the average cost) with the aim of supporting those on low incomes who need tailored counselling.  Tel: 0116 214 8399 or email

The Leicester Counselling Centre is a long-standing charitable organisation offering private counselling from practices in Leicester, Loughborough and Oakham, and can offer subsidised rates depending on income. Tel 0116 255 8801 or email

Dr Alexandra Dent is a registered and chartered Clinical Psychologist, working from Church Street Practice, Melton Mowbray. She specialises in work with people of 18 years and under.  For an informal discussion or to arrange an appointment please telephone 07986585270. 

Joan Carter is an experienced counsellor/psychotherapist offering individual and couples counselling from her home near OAKHAM and from the Church Street Practice in MELTON MOWBRAY. For more information call 07979 792132.

Jane Flint offer counselling or psychotherapy in Melton Mowbray for a wide range of personal and work related difficulties and has a special interest and professional experience in the areas of domestic abuse and gender variance. Tel: 07903879455 or email

Phil Ashcroft  is currently available for face to face counselling on Mondays day and evening, and Thursday and Friday evenings.  Tel: 01476 870098 / 07814449886
He can also work via E mail or phone or visit you at home or at another venue you feel comfortable.

Nicola Massey specialises in bereavement counselling (including children) from her base in Sileby.  For more information call 01509 769137 / 07584 247 099 or email   

Turn 2 Me is an organisation offering an online peer community supporting people in distress.  Professionals offer group support and 1-1 counselling.  There is a charge for this.  They run weekly online group support sessions which you sign up to, addressing depression, anxiety, suicidal thought and feelings and general mental health issues.

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