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Sometimes when we worry a lot about something it can make us feel ill, but unlike a cold or a broken leg, other people cannot always see or understand our feelings. Emotional and mental health relates to the way we are feeling and thinking.

Our bodies seem to be ok, but it is our thoughts and feelings, such as anger, sadness or fear which can get us down.
If you are feeling really upset, sad, angry or afraid, it may be helpful to talk to an adult who can help you.

If you feel you cannot talk to your parents, remember that your teachers and the school nurse are there to help you too. Remember, you are important, and you have a right to be heard and listened to.

Click on one of the headings below to find a link to a website that could offer you some information,
advice or somebody to email or talk to.


Lost for words- children advice

Telephone: 0800 11 11
You can call Childline for a free to talk to somebody or write a message to a Childline counsellor and have a 1:2:1 online chat. All in total confidentiality, that means, nobody has to know who you are to help you.
This website puts you directly in touch with information about issues affecting children such as being bullied, coping at school, the way you look, living with family, self-harming, the effects of drugs taking, having sex, your rights and what to do if you are worried about a friend.
This website offers information about emotional well-being and mental health so if you are worried about something take a look. There is a helpline and on-line service offering confidential support and information.





Lost for words- children advicePOLICE CALL 999 or 101
If you are frightened because somebody is harming you or somebody close to you, you can call the police. You will have to tell them your name, age and address and why you are calling.  They may keep you on the line until a police officer arrives to help.


Lost for words- children
RD4U is a website designed to help support any child or young person after the death of someone close.

Youth Booklet
This is a booklet that may help to understand your feelings after somebody you love has died.


Lost for words- children
This website is for kids, teens and parents. You can click on different topics to find out more information about things such as feelings, keeping healthy, staying safe, how the body works and much more.


Need to talk? Call the Samaritans T: 08457 909090  |  Childline: 0800 11 11

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