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Bullying happens in all different kinds of places and situations.  It could be that you are being bullied or are bullying another person.  Either way, your emotional health may be poor due to the situation.  You may be lacking sleep, unable to eat, fear going out, skipping school, college or work, or even self-harming or feeling suicidal because of the situation. Getting help is vital.

In serious cases of bullying call the POLICE on 999 or 101.

If you are living at home it could help to try and speak to your relatives about what is happening so they can support you in making a decision about why it is happening and discuss how they can help you to tackle the problem. If you are in education one of the most important steps you may choose to take is to report what is happening to a teacher, school nurse, advisor or counsellor. Once highlighted your school or college ARE RESPONSIBLE for helping you.

Call 0116 2656197 to Contact The Parent Officer employed through Leicester County Council (LCC) who provides support for families of young people in education who are living with bullying.

As a young person at work you may have a line manager or senior person with whom you can share your situation and begin to make a change.

In addition you can get advice and support online from the links below.

Beyond Bullying  aims to answers young people’s questions and queries about bullying. The site offers useful and practical information, statistics and real-life stories. Also find suggestions as to where else you can to go for extra help and advice.

Bullying information and advice on many kinds of bullying situations, from cyber-bulling to bullying in and out of school and work. Tips and guidance for combatting bullying and an email and phone support service. Tel: 0808 800 2222

The Young Worker website offers information about how to deal with bullies at work if you are employed or on work experience. 

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) maybe able to offer you information and advice about how to tackle problems such as bullying at work.  See below for some of Melton CAB clinic venues and times.  Contact the Children’s Centres for details of other CAB drop-ins in Melton.

Parkside Council Offices, Burton Road, LE13 1GH (near the Melton Station)

Mondays and Thursdays 10am-3.30pm.  Call to make an appointment on 01664 882210 or drop in but be prepared to wait up to an hour if busy.

Melton Mowbray Library, Wilton Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0UJ.

Tuesdays 10am-3:30pm

(NB: The phone number is only active on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Stamp Out Bullying  Offers free online resources, advice, documents and other information about coping with bullying. 

Report a Hate Incident  If you have been physically attacked, threatened verbally or through offensive letters (including online) or been the victim of other aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour, you can report it.  Intimidating, embarrassing and threatening behaviour is harassment and you do not have put up with it.

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