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The Leicestershire Youth Offending Team are a team of professionals from different areas such as probabtion, police, social services, education and health who work with young people between 10 and 17 years within the youth criminal justice system. You may find some useful information on this link.

The Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust may be able to advise you or support you or a family member (18yrs +) on probation and offer advice about getting back on track through community schemes and programmes. The probation Head Office also offers general advice on anything to do with the Criminal Justice System.

For further information contact:  0116 251 6008 Address: 2 St John Street, Leicester, LE1 3WL.

The Melton Learning Hub works with young people who are struggling or have been excluded from mainstream school. An innovative and exciting alternative educational programme, there are many vocational courses for students to earn qualifications and skills and more. For more info. Call: 01664  564967 or email

TwentyTwenty offer young people from 11-19 years old the opportunity to meet and work with a mentor for a year.  The service aims to improve the lives of young people who may be disengaged or disadvantaged in some way.  The programme runs in Melton Mowbray and parents and young people can self-refer. For more information contact:

Youth offending service leaflet – parent support

The Leicestershire Youth Service provides positive activities for young people of Melton between the ages of 11 – 19 through Venture House Young Peoples Centre, Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 OHN.  For information about what’s on offer for young people in Melton visit THE JITTY or contact the county youth workers: 
01664 565460

Website:  Victim Support is a national charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected across England and Wales. They are not a government agency or part of the police and you don't have to report a crime to the police to get their help. You can call any time after a crime has happened, whether it was yesterday, last week or several years ago. Tel: 0845 30 30 900 

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