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Are you at School or College? If you are in education and are worried about something, you can speak to your Melton school nurse or college student advisor or counsellor. They may help you find further support from another service such as a doctor or counsellor if necessary.


Longfield School: Mrs Newby - Senior Student Manager– if you are worried about anything go to see Mrs Newby for advice and support.

Ferneley School: Please ask your form tutor for advice about who the school advisor is and where to locate them in the school. A school nurse is also available at Ferneley - ask your tutor for details of when she is in school.

MV16  - Lin Sherwin – Sixth-Form Counsellor – speak to Lin at school or email her on

Brooksby/Melton College – if you are worried about something email PCS on the college email system or TEXT PCS to 07950080380 or just visit learner services. Ask for an appointment to speak to one of the following staff trained to provide advice and support:

  • Brooksby Campus: Lorraine Cox/Humera Aziz/ Becky Needham/Jan Barston
  • Melton Campus: Lorraine Cox/Humera Aziz



If you feel the need to do more than talk, and seek FREE counselling therapy with a professional therapist, you need to speak to your GP.  Here’s what to do…

  • Make an appointment to see a doctor (GP) at your local Doctor’s Surgery. 
  • Share the nature of your problem with a GP. 
  • If the GP thinks it necessary they may refer you to a relevant counselling group depending on your age and the severity of your needs. 
  • If you are under 18 yrs old you may be referred to CAMHS.  This is a team of professionals who work with children and young people suffering from behavioural, emotional and mental health difficulties.  
  • If you are over 16 years old your GP may refer you to GOOD THINKING THERAPY SERVICES. You will then have to wait for a letter from Good Thinking inviting you to make an appointment for counselling.  (You will have a limited period in which to make this appointment.  If you do not make the appointment within the designated time you have to repeat this whole process again.)
  • Attend an ‘initial meeting’ where you will be asked to fill in some paperwork about the way you are feeling.  This could take half an hour.
  • Wait for your FIRST appointment time with a designated counsellor to start your treatment proper.

Please note:  This whole process can take months, so in the meantime if you need to talk to somebody, please confide in a friend or relative, school counsellor or nurse or talk about how you are feeling with the SAMARITANS on 0116 270 007 or 08457 90 90 90 or a counsellor with CHILDLINE 0800 11 11.

If you prefer not to speak to your GP you could Self-Refer to this link:

SPACE4U is a Young People's Counselling / Play Therapy service offered through the Youth Service and PAYP and is based at Venture House in Melton Mowbray. This is a free, confidential service for those aged 9 – 19 years of age (up to 25yrs vulnerable adults), and can be accessed by ANY Young Person in the Melton Borough by self-referral.  

A referral on your behalf can be made by local organisations, your school or college by following this link-

For more information you can call SPACE4U on 0116-279-5104. For a general discussion you may contact Laura Seward (Counsellor) directly on 07966-638-333. Please be aware that there may be a waiting list in operation.

Download a REFERRAL FORM for SPACE 4 U here. 

Relate 2U A young people's counselling service for those aged 10-19 who are experiencing difficulties as a result of their parents/carers separation or divorce. The service also provides support for those young people who are living with family conflict. This is a free, confidential service. Telephone: 0116 254 3011.


Independent counsellors are also available to help you but usually for a fee.  While there may be a cost, some receive funding for young people or subsidise their rates.  If you are under 16 years old you may need an adult to consent to treatment with some counsellors.

Solace Counselling Service is a women only counselling service in Leicester for women of 14 years and over, with only women therapists.   Fees for therapy start at £10. To find out more please see the ‘Solace’ website or contact Angela Sterland (Counselling Coordinator) at Oswin Road or email

The Leicester Counselling Service offer private counselling for all situations at a very subsidised rate (half the average cost) with the aim of supporting those on low incomes who need tailored counselling.  Tel: 0116 214 8399 or email

The Leicester Counselling Centre is a long-standing charitable organisation offering private counselling from practices in Leicester, Loughborough and Oakham, and can offer subsidised rates depending on income. Tel 0116 255 8801 or email

Remember, if you have a SEXUAL HEALTH problem you can drop in to the C.H.A.T. clinic at Latham House or at ST MARY’S for professional advice.

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