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There are many services available to guide you through a termination or pregnancy.   Deciding to become a parent, or to terminate an unplanned pregnancy are huge decisions to make, so confide in a trusted person who can be there to go through it with you, and seek professional advice and support as soon as possible. 

Emergency Contraception

Confidential Clinic: Open every Wednesday from 5.30 – 7.30pm St. Mary’s Hospital, Melton Mowbray.

If you have had unprotected sex and risk being pregnant or think your contraception may have failed, specialist nurses at this clinic can talk to you about your options.  They offer a confidential service providing emergency contraceptive pill, and other forms of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

This service is by appointment only and available to anyone who needs help and advice – Call confidentially on  01664 800143. 

No information  will be shared with the GP or anybody else.

Termination/Abortion Services

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy can be hard for young people, but with support from family and professional services you can talk about your options, feelings and future in a calm way.  Deciding to terminate a pregnancy is a decision which needs discussion and support. Your GP will give you all the advice you need to begin with, and is a professional with whom you can be honest and discuss how you feel.  If you are under sixteen though, you will need a parent to go with you to the GP.  In school you can speak to a school nurse or advisor for support about what to do next.   If you feel you need some professional help to advise you some of the links below can help:

Full Sexual Health Clinic  - St. Mary’s Hospital, Melton Mowbray

Open every Wednesday from 5.30 – 7.30pm

Specialist nurses offer a confidential service providing advice about termination.

This service is by appointment only and available to anyone who needs help and advice, EVEN IF YOU ARE UNDER 16 – Call confidentially on  01664 800143.  No information will be shared with the GP or anybody else.

The C.H.A.T CLINIC   is a Confidential Sexual Health Drop-in clinic for Young People in Melton, but would be a good source of support if you are pregnant and in need of advice.

Latham House surgery, Sage Cross Street, Melton Mowbray

Wednesdays 4-5pm.  Drop-in. No appointment necessary. Finding out you are pregnant when you least expect it can be daunting for most women but when you are a teenager it can be even more frightening.  If you feel ashamed or embarrassed or perhaps too scared to tell your parents, use this link to find some support and guidance through this difficult situation.

Read about the experiences of one teenager who became pregnant and about ABORTION information through The Jitty – a website for young people in Leicesterhsire.

Care Confidential This website offers information and contacts for a post-termination counselling programme called ‘The Journey’. Telephone: 07599397938

Teenage/Young Parents Information & Support

It is not often that teenagers plan to have a baby so becoming a parent at a young age can be difficult for many reasons, especially since your responsibility to your child can feel so overwhelming.  However, there are services set up especially for teenage parents, including social groups for parents and babies where on hand advice and support is available from trusted and understanding professionals.  If you have support and take parenting responsibly there is every reason to believe in yourself as being able to bring up a baby as well as anybody, and enjoy the experience.

If you are a Teenager / Young parent or parent-to-be this link takes you directly to Local Authority Information and support services to help with pregnancy, finding a Young person’s midwife, coping at school while pregnant, counselling services, and more.

The Young Parent Outreach Workers (YPOW) support young parents aged 16-19 yrs in Melton Mowbray community with information, workshops and home visits.  Based in the Melton Children’s Centres.  Call Vanessa Milne on 01664 569966 or 07793 627 575.

Tiny Tots and Families is a group for Young parents and their children to meet, chat, play and socialise.  Run by the Youth Service at Venture House, there are youth workers there to support you too.  Tuesdays 12-2pm at Venture House Young People’s Centre, Asfordby Road, LE13 OHN. For details telephone 01664 565460 or email:  /

St.Mary’s Birthing Centre  in Melton Mowbray may be a place you choose to give birth if you present no complications, but it is also somewhere you can find information about local parenting services and the midwives will be able to offer you advice about pre and post-natal services (before and after birth services).

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