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Whether you are in school, college, sixth-form, university or studying to pass examinations in the work-place, coping with the work load may be causing you to feel extremely stressed and anxious.  The pressure of success and the fear of failure can be overwhelming, especially if parents and carers, and even teachers are failing to understand all that you are dealing with.  Whether you are struggling with homework, revision, the lesson activities, or even a particular teacher, you should not have to carry on without support.  Stress and anxiety just keep getting worse unless the cause of the problem is dealt with. 

It may even be that another issue in your life needs to be dealt with before you can focus on your studies properly, so speak to a parent, friend or tutor and discuss what is causing the stress to rise.  There are advisors and nurses in all schools and colleges who will support you. 

5 Basics to help you cope:

1. Plan a revision timetable with regular breaks every half hour to stand up, move around, listen to music, go outside. Remember that you learn better in the morning.

2. Turn off radios, music, television or phone – your brain is trying to absorb information and gets distracted easily.  Use the radio or music as part of your rest periods.

3.  Eat well, drink water, and sleep well during revision and exam times. Avoid caffeine based drinks as they prevent you from concentrating and sleeping.

4. Have a treat lined up when you complete each chunk of revision time – a bike ride, meet some friends, computer game, sun-bathe…whatever you feel like. 

Check out the advice in these links too:

BBC Bitesize is an actual revision guide on line for school age learners.  If it is subject content worrying you, check out the activities on this site to see if they can bolster your knowledge.

Mind offer information and support to students about how to cope with the stress of student life.  If you are about to go to Further Education or have already started and need some advice this could help.

D-Stress is an advice and guidance website set up by students for students in Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland Health and education service site. There is a lot of information on here about emotional and mental problems and causes, including study stress. Links to some good tips for stress-busting.

7 Savvy Study Techniques to help you learn. Basic information.

Help Me Study is a good online source of study tips and solutions.  It does require you to read the tips and though well written are probably more suitable for young people of 16 years and over.

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