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If you are self-harming, or want to support somebody you know who is self-harming, the links below may offer useful support. Self-Harm is a signal that you are extremely anxious about a situation or issue. Some of the organisations below offer advice and support through confidential help-lines. Counselling is another way to share your feelings and find support. Normally you need to be referred for counselling through your GP. However, although limited in service locally in the Melton area at present, you could self-refer to some local counselling groups (see COULD COUNSELLING HELP YOU).

Harmless is an organisation lead by people who have experienced self-harm.  They offer support if you are self-harming, and to your friends and family too. Tel: 0115 934 8445

The National Self Harm Network is a network of support groups for individuals who self harm.. The charity tries to help people to seek alternatives to self harm. The charity aims to empower individuals to explore reasons for their self harm and to seek appropriate professional help. NSHN now equally support friends, families and carers of individuals who self harm. .You can contact them by phone and online: Support  Support Helpline:0800 622 6000 (7pm-11pm Thursday-Saturday, 6.10pm-10.30pm Sunday).

Young minds is the UKs leading Charity committed to improving the emotional well-being and Mental health of children and young people. Find out more about self harm on their website. Contact their helpline and on line service offering confidential support and information.

If you are trying to support somebody you know who is self-harming (friend, parent, relative) this link from The Site  aimed at young people (16-24 years old) offers some good advice.

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